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Subject: Father's Night Part II (incest/athletics)Father Night, Part II Ben Baker and his father stood in front of the rest of the football
team, drenched in each others sperm. Several of Ben's team mates had been
aroused by the whole situation. He could tell by the slowly shrinking
hardons and the puddles of cum on the tiled floor.
Ben released his dick and shook his hand off, he hadn't realized how
tight he'd been grasping it. He then squeezed the remaining drops of semen
out of his dick, and headed back over to his shower to clean off.
"Bravo and Ben, Mr. Baker. That musta been the two biggest loads
shot in these showers," Coach Cook congratulated. "Now finish cleaning up.
We're almost done with tonight's 'festivities.'"
The football team finished cleaning off their cum, sweat, and dirt
off their toned, athletic bodies and headed back into the locker area. They
stood in front of their lockers, nude, waiting for directions from their
coach. The hot water and steam from the showers relaxed all their nuts, and
most of the men's sacs hung four to five inches from their crotch.
Coach Cook reentered the locker room from his office, still nude, and
lead a man with a white lab coat on into the locker room.
"Everyone, this is Dr. Ortez. I was looking over my records
yesterday and realized that a number of you have not updated your physicals
forms. So instead of trying to get all of those people into a doctor's
office by our next game, tomorrow, I decided to bring the doctor's office
here. All of you, including your fathers, will be receiving physicals free
of charge. Now everyone pay attention to Dr. Ortez, he has some things to
say before we begin."
Dr. Ortez, a hot young Cuban with curly jet-black hair stepped in
forward in front of Coach Cook.
"I would just like to say that you all have nothing to worry about.
I'm sure that I'm not going to find anything wrong with any of you, but this
is a requirement by the school. I know that you have all done this before,
but I'm going to say this just to make sure we're all clear. Don't be
embarrassed if you get an erection while I'm doing these. It's perfectly
natural. In fact, I'd be pretty worried if you didn't get one. If you do, child lolita bbs tgp
just don't worry about it. I've seen it happen to the best of em."
The team seemed to feel a little more comfortable now with such a
nice doctor. The slight nervousness that everyone had toward the situation
when Dr. Ortez first walked in was gone.
"Now let's get started. We're going to go in alphabetical order.
You all have obviously seen each other in the buff before, so we'll just
conduct these physicals on this bench." Ortez pointed to the wooden bench
that ran down the middle of the long row of lockers. "That way, I won't have
to mess up your coach's office. Okay, first in line, Benjamin Baker."
Ben approached the wooden bench and sat down. Dr. Ortez went through
all the standard tests: urine, blood pressure, reflexes, ears, eyes, throat,
breathing, etc.. Finally, he got to his favorite part of the test. Dr.
Ortez reached down and took hold of Ben's balls. He rolled each one around
between his thumb and index finger. He then grasped his entire sac and told
him to cough.
"Looks like everything's all right. How old are you Benjamin?"
"I'm going to take measurements on your penis soft and hard," he
said, taking a ruler out of his bag. He placed one end on Ben's mass of
brown pubic hair, and lifted the soft head to the ruler.
"Four inches," Ortez announced, writing it down on Ben's physical
form. "Now I need a measurement hard. Would you please masturbate until you
have a full erection?"
"Sure," Ben said, grasping his dick in his right hand and massaging
his testicles with his left hand. He closed his eyes in ecstasy as the
overwhelming feeling swept over him. He got so caught up in what he was
doing he forgot where he was.
"I don't need you to ejaculate, Mr. Baker," Ortez interrupted. Ben
stopped, his rock hard cock sticking straight out of his body. Dr. Ortez
once again held the ruler up to his dick and measured his length.
"Ten inches. Would you like a sperm count?"
Ben thought about it for a moment, and then nodded. Ortez teens non nude lolia handed him
another cup and told him to fill it up. "I've got some pornos in my bag in
your coach's office if you need some help."
"That'd be great," he said, taking the cup from the doctor and
heading for the office, closing the door behind him.
Dr. Ortez went through at least six fathers and sons before getting
to the Halesys.
"James Halesy," Doctor Ortez called. Joshua's massive father
approached the bench and sat down. Dr. Ortez ran all the usual tests and got
to the testicular exam. He hadn't noticed his nuts until he was about to
grab hold of them.
"Oh my God," he exclaimed.
"What?" James asked.
"Your nuts are huge."
James shrugged it off and sat waiting for him to finish the exam.
Dr. Ortez slowly reached down and grasped each of Mr. Halesy's nuts. Instead
of testing them with his thumb and index finger, he had to use his entire
hand and then some.
Dr. Ortez pulled out his ruler and held it up to James's forest of
hair surrounding his cock. He lifted the thick piece of meat up to the
ruler, and announced, "Six inches, now would you please masturbate to an
"Of course," James Halesy said, wrapping his left hand around his
dick and jacking it off, within minutes it was harder than steel. Dr.
Ortez's jaw dropped as we went to measure his length.
"Fourteen inches exactly. Amazing. Would you like a sperm count?"
"Sure, why not," James said, taking the plastic cup from Dr. Ortez.
Then, in front of everyone else, he finished jacking off. His gigantic balls
pulled tight to his crotch throbbed twice before his load shot off out of his
enormous manhood. His cum landed all over his body, on his hairy chest, on
his face, his abs, his pubic bush, everywhere. Once his shooting began to
calm down, he held the cup up to his dick and shot the rest inside. Despite
the amount he'd already shot, he filled the plastic cup up to the brim.
James looked up to see Dr. Ortez wide-eyed. He handed the cup to the doctor,
who slowly wrote his name on it, and put it with the other cups filled with
Within two hours, the entire team and their fathers had completed
their physicals. They stood once again in front of their lockers waiting for
the coach to tell them what to do.
"Good job men. None of you measure below eight inches, I'm proud.
Since Dr. Ortez has give us so much of his time for a very small price, let's
show him our gratitude."
The players took their cue, and their fathers followed along with
them. Ben and Josh stood behind Dr. Ortez and pulled off his lab coat. Dr.
Ortez was shocked, looking around at all the naked, buff, football players
slowly approaching him with a possessed look in their eyes. Ben and Josh
then removed his tie and dress shirt while Mike Mazen pulled his pants down.
The hunk Cuban now stood in front of them in a tight wife-beater a lolita free pics and white
boxer briefs.
"What's going on?" he asked Coach Cook.
"Don't worry about it. We'll take care of you," the Coach assured.
Ben and Josh held him by the shoulders as preteen lolita child Mike slid the wife beater
up his chest to reveal a tight six-pack and a thick treasure trail leading
down into his boxer briefs. He then slowly pulled them down to reveal a
thick Cuban cock surrounded by a dense patch of pubic hair. The doctors
balls hung down halfway down his knees it seemed like. Mike took the ruler
out of Dr. Ortez's bag and held it up to his dick.
"Six inches," he announced. "Now would you please masturbate for me,
please?" he asked, trying to imitate him.
"No I fucking will not."
"Then I'll just have to get you hard myself," he said, diving onto
the doctor's cock, sucking it hard. It didn't take long for him to get a
full blown hardon so Mike released it. He held the ruler up to the hard,
thick, cock.
"It goes off the ruler! It's.....eighteen inches long!" he
exclaimed. "Do you want a sperm count?"
"I don't need one, I know I've got plenty of sperm," Ortez answered.
"Too fucking bad," Mike said, diving back down onto the huge cock.
He could barely make it all the way down. With one had he began stroking the
rest of the cock. With the other, he motioned for Alexis Rodriguez to held
him out. Alexis lolitas nude kid model bent down and began sucking on his nuts.
"Holy shit!" Ortez shouted. "That feels soooooo fucking good."
Alexis took each testicle in at a time, slobbering it in spit. He
could have sworn he could feel the cum boiling inside of it. He switched
nuts and performed the same thing on it.
"Oh my GOODDDDD, preteen lolita model art that feels soooooo hot, keep licking my balls. I
need to shoot sooo nymphet sex lolita pics
bad. Seeing all your jock cocks has just made me so hot,
I've got the biggest pair of blue balls in the world. Just let me
cum...pleeeaaaasssee," Ortez begged.
Alexis looked up at Mike. They nodded at each, and began tiny skinny lolita pics
the most
intense head job ever performed. Mike pounded up and down on as much of his
cock as he could while stroking up and down the rest of his manhood with his
other handed. Alexis then opened wide and swallowed both of his balls into
his mouth.
"FUCCCCKKKKK! I'm gonna cum soooo much. I'm gonna shoot in your
Mike tried to swallow all his cum, but he couldn't. His huge balls
continued pumping and pumping. The excess cum dripped down his chin, tiny skinny lolita pics down
Ortez's balls, and into Alexis's mouth.
Mike took a few moments to swallow and said, "Yup, I guess you do
have plenty of sperm."To be continued...*************
Please send all your comments to LCdrObrienaol.com, I would love to hear
what you think of my story. Thanks.

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